• One-Click Data Transfer for Recruiters

    Easily browse and collect multiple relevant candidate data (e.g. resume, social profile, or basic contact information) from career sites (such as LinkedIn, GitHub, Monster, Stackoverflow, etc. ) or other sources (e.g. CV) using ZAPinfo and drop information into any page in the IntraWorlds portal.

  • Easy Short Listing of Candidates

    When dropping the talent profile whilst being on a specific job opportunity the system provides the option to assign the candidate to a short list for a job requisition.

  • Automated Data Enrichment and Sourcing

    Once a candidate’s data is collected, ZAPinfo will enrich any contact by searching their email address & social profile information which can then be placed on the IntraWorlds platform making it effortless to contact relevant candidates directly and saving time finding their social identities.

  • Smart Data Organization

    In a final step, assignation of profile templates can be made to newly added contacts, thus deciding whether and how contacts can access the platform or if they are to be nurtured.

  • Data Accuracy and Cross Check

    With ZAPinfo candidate data is pulled into a structured data model while the IntraWorlds system automatically cross-checks for duplicates on the platform and provides similar profiles for a cross-check. Later prompting the decision of creating a new profile or enriching an already existing one.

  • Instant Data Structuring

    Data is pulled into a structured data model based on information provided as input.